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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost in Denver?

A clean home is key to healthy, happy, and productive living. But then, cleaning can be a difficult and even overwhelming task. You may schedule a weekend for cleaning and start the task, but then it feels as if cleaning is a forever task. Still, the dust on the furniture and stains on the carpet seem to be just where they were.

It is not practically possible to spend every weekend on the tedious task of cleaning when you have a life to live and enjoy.

Who to rely on, then, to accomplish house cleaning for you?

Leave it to the experts!

Our Denver house cleaning service has been established to cater to your house cleaning needs. We have a qualified crew that listens to your needs and accomplishes cleaning tasks to your satisfaction.

How much does house cleaning cost in Denver?

When hiring a cleaning expert, the thought of the expense involved, stops many people from taking the help of professionals. But the hiring cost is far less than the stress of planning, cleaning and completing that home owners experience.

If you are in Denver and are looking for expert house cleaners, then the options are many. Did you

know Colorado employs maids and cleaners the most compared to other non-metropolitan areas?

Given the demand for cleaning services, it is not surprising that there are many alternatives for people seeking house cleaning services in Denver.

Know the average hourly rate and other cost parameters associated with house cleaning in Denver.

The average hourly rate of a house cleaner in Colorado is $21. In Denver, the average hourly rate is $22.92. The rates vary depending on several factors.

Factors that affect the fee for house cleaning services include:

  • Time taken to clean the house. Homes that see frequent cleaning need less time for a clean-up. Cleaning services may ask for a house inspection to assess the extent of cleaning required before deciding the final rate.
  • Type of cleaning and extra services. Rates vary depending on the type of cleaning, which can be light, deep or standard. Rates increase when extra services are requested. For example, tasks such as cleaning windows, changing bed linens or doing laundry, attract additional charges.
  • Industry experience. Cleaners with many years of experience charge a premium rate. Interns and novices usually come at a lower price.
  • Expenses on cleaning supplies. Some clients may request for non-toxic eco-friendly products, which are expensive. The cost of supplies, including equipment, cleaning products and specialized supplies, make it to the final cost of the service.

Rates for customers that supply their own cleaning products, are usually lesser than standard


  • Size of the house. Larger houses such as those measuring 1000 square feet or above, usually attract greater cleaning rates.
  • Overhead costs of the business. These costs pertain to aspects that help service providers bring their business to consumers. They are not directly related to the services being provided. Marketing and travel costs are some examples of such costs.
  • Any applicable taxes. Residential cleaning services are categorized as non-taxable in Colorado. Taxes such as FICA may apply, which get added to service charges.

While hourly rate is a common pricing method, there are other ways of determining service rates. These include:

Rate Per Square Foot

The size of the room or building is considered to determine cleaning service cost. If a service provider puts the cost of cleaning per square foot of a space at $0.18, then the total cost of cleaning a 3, 000 square foot home would be $540.

Rate Per Room

This type of pricing is based on the time taken to clean different rooms. For example, a bathroom or a kitchen may demand more cleaning time than a bedroom. Rates differ depending on the type of room involved.

Flat Price

Cleaning services charging a flat price will have a set rate. This rate does not change with the size of a room or building, or the cleaning time involved. You may be charged on a weekly or per-day tariff.

While rates vary among cleaning service providers, the above factors are considered when fixing a price. The profit margin of the company, too, gets added to the final cost of service. These expenses are added to the base price to arrive at a final cost.

Things to Remember when Hiring a Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service saves you substantial hours on accomplishing the task on your own. You can achieve a better balance between different aspects of your life, including family, work and hobby pursuits. But care should be exercised when choosing a house cleaning service to get the best benefits and the best value for money.

Here are some points to get by:

  • Ask for references. Talk to previous customers to know about their experiences.
  • Ensure that the service provider is licensed and holds insurance.
  • Seek pricing information. Ask how the company structures its service rates.
  • Know about the services covered and if there are specific packages.
  • Are cleaning supplies part of the service?
  • Get to know if the company performs employee background checks.
  • What is the company’s work procedure? At what time does the team come and how do they work?
  • Know if there is a written contract to be signed.
  • Is a trial service available?

In Conclusion

A clean home spreads positivity and happiness. A reliable house cleaning company removes the stress off cleaning and gives you time for prioritizing your life.

Get in touch with our Denver house cleaning company for a quote.

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